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Welcome to Colorific Candles

The candle that calls to you

You’ve just stumbled upon most unique candle designs you’ve yet to see. These beautiful candles both blend in and stand out at the same time. Lots of my containers can be reused after you candle is complete. My candles are all handmade to your request, they will match any home décor you have because you have the power to choose the containers, colors and scent.

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About Us

Being a stay at home mom was new for me, especially being in a new state away from everyone I know (my husband is a military man). Every stay at home parent can tell you it’s the most amazing, loving, incredible but also lonely thing. Making candles makes me feel connected to my community and those around me near and far. It’s a little bit of me scheduled within my day. Making your candles bring joy to me, and I hope each candle brings joy to each of you 

I started my business in January of 2021. Honestly, I wanted whatever I started my business to be, to be something that people can use to make others smile, or bring joy in some kind of way and I know candles are a big way to do that. Candles can be gifted for happy or sad events, but they can also be used for when you just need a minute and sit with the scent, it can take you away from all your stress for a moment, get lost in the flame. I feel like candles have so much potential, plus I enjoy making them with unique colors and scents.

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Thank you choosing to support to shop small, I truly appreciate it. Please contact me with any questions or concerns by clicking the icon link below 
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